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David Diaz

Hi there. I’m David Diaz, a professional web developer with decades of software programming experience. Though I’ve developed websites and web apps ranging from simple to complex for an array of professional services firms, non-profit organizations, and retailers, I’ve worked most extensively with medical practices and law firms.  I've acquired in-depth knowledge of their website needs, including their search engine optimization (SEO).  With that knowledge, I’ve developed a comprehensive website management system designed specifically to meet the online needs of medical and legal offices. You can count on getting a professional website, with a personal touch. I'm sure, much like you run your own practice or firm.

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Web Design

Web Design refers to the creation of the visual "look" of a website. This includes creating the general layout of the site and selecting its color palette and font styles, or typography. Most choices made during the design process are subjective, based upon what's most visually appealing to each individual client. This is where your site gains its personal touch. However, modern web design also includes a technical aspect that cannot be overlooked. Each design must be able to be viewed clearly on all sizes of screens, from large desktop monitors to mobile phone screens. This is known as "Responsive Web Design", and this principle is included in all of my website designs.

Web Development

Web Development is the process of coding, installing and/or configuring the software platform and hosting server on which a website is built. Thinking in code is virtually second-nature to me. Because I've never been satisfied with the existing, commercial website software, I developed my own software platform. My platform can be used to build nearly any kind of website, but it's particularly designed for medical and law offices to manage their online presence. Whatever your profession, you'll get a modern, cost-effective and easily maintainable website, guaranteed to be 100% error-free. If you discover an error, it'll be addressed right away, at no cost to you.


Search Engine Optimization is a mouthful. Let's just call it "SEO". Either way, it's all about getting your website ranked highly within the search results at Google, Bing and other search engines. Believe me, that's more easily said than done. There's no way around it -- SEO is complex, complicated and a fair deal of work. It's based upon thorough research using the proper online tools, it requires a deep understanding of HTML code standards, and it needs to be executed according to the ever-changing algorithms formulated by Google and other search engines. With all of these skills in my toolkit, I've produced a positive record of highly ranking websites across various industries.

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